The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 27

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 27

In the office, Joseph Conrad, a plump, bald man about fifty years of age sat in front of the desk.

He faced a young girl who looked incredibly nervous.

The girl was about twenty–one or twenty–two years of age. She had delicate facial features and looked very

meek. She wore large, black–rimmed glasses that hid her beautiful looks.

She was quite petite and dressed plainly, but it did little to hide her natural beauty.

The girl was called Lily Cameron. She was one of the three secretaries of the president. her rank was the same as

Leon’s. She was the secretary of daily affairs, while Leon

was the administrative secretary.

Other than that, the president’s secretaries had two direct

superiors. The first was the president, while the second

was the head of the president’s office.

“Miss Cameron, you’ve already been in the company for

over a month. You have been quite decent in terms of the quality of your work, but you still don‘t react quickly enough to anything that happens. I‘m still very unhappy with your performance. How do you think we should address that?” Joseph narrowed his eyes as his eyes shone with ill intentions.

frightened. She hurriedly lowered her head, “Mister Conard, I‘ll work harder in the future. Please


Joseph walked in front of Lily and grabbed Lily‘s white and delicate hands, running his

are you doing?!” Lily was shocked as she pulled her hand

comes to the workplace. I trust you get what I‘m saying!” Joseph

Lily was

her confused reaction, Joseph could

up pretenses.

me be more straightforward. You’re very pretty,

just give you a chance, I’ll even make sure you

paled, immediately understanding what

that. You’re looking for the wrong

immediately tried to run.

to Lily’s retreating back,

leave this office, you can say goodbye to


She was

worked in the company for a little over a month. She did not

Joseph wanted to fire her, it would be

such a good

is currently in the hospital. Your brother needs his university fees paid as well! If you lose this job, you should know better than

immediately went blank at

Joseph said assaulted

left the family and

It was her mother who worked incredibly hard

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