"So, you were the one who started it, Joseph!"

Iris flew into a rage and stared fiercely at Joseph.

Joseph never dreamed that things would come to that point, and his face turned ashen in the blink of an eye!

Nevertheless, he regained his composure rather quickly thanks to his wealth of experience in facing intimidating individuals!

"Miss Young, the fact that Miss Cameron retracted her statement all of a sudden even though she already vouched for my story earlier is a clear sign that nothing she says is credible! You've always handled everything with objectivity as our company's president, so how could you be sure of my guilt based on merely a few one-sided remarks from Miss Cameron?" Joseph argued.

"Is that so hard for you to accept?"

Iris smiled, albeit with a hint of iciness.

company's old-timers, and during the past few years, I've worked so hard for the company without even taking any credit for it! This kid, on the other hand, is a newbie secretary! He's insignificant! And besides, his silence amounts to an admission of guilt. It boggles

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