"Nothing is impossible.

Southern Boss, it's time we settle the scores! Prepare to die!" Leon launched the Earthly Plunder again as he charged at the Southern Boss.

"Oh no!" The Southern Boss was terrified.

He already witnessed the power of the Earthly Plunder and dared not to face Leon directly.

Thankfully, Leon was merely in the Advanced Almighty State and was much slower than he was.

Hence, he intended to utilize his advantage in speed to dodge Leon's attack.

"You want to make this a competition of speed? Please!" Leon scoffed and executed the Phantom Steps as he continued to pursue the Southern Boss with the Earthly Plunder.

"Leon's strength and speed have leveled up a few times compared to the last time I saw him.

This is unbelievable.

State as well?" As Leon

the extent of Leon's


Southern Boss with the Earthly Plunder and his speed went

perhaps Leon rose to the Peak Almighty State as well, or

Loen managed

not the time


he could not get away from Leon, the Southern Boss executed

a powerful kick Baam! Following a

the Advanced Almighty State, which was miles

immediately countered the Earthly Plunder and sent Leon

he looks," The Southern Boss did not expect Leon to back away

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