rBaam! Following a deafening sound, Chandler's attack slammed against the Southern Boss's shoulder.

The Southern Boss grunted and spewed blood from his mouth.

Luckily, he managed to protect his shoulder ahead of time so the attack did not cause much damage.

Under the impact of Chandler's attack, he managed to charge forward at an even higher speed and darted toward Iris.

"Everyone, stop the Southern Boss!" Seeing as the Southern Boss was approaching, the Thompsons who were protecting Iris, Roanne, and Rene paled.

They all stepped forward to shield the three women and attempted to stop the Southern Boss.

"Get out of my way! Scram!" The Southern Boss roared ferociously.

the attack was sent toward the Thompsons at the

powerful!" The Thompsons were all stunned in

merely in the Initial Almighty State and were

Southern Boss's Divine Kick was not something they

Leon's girlfriend and that the Southern Boss was likely aiming to capture

could not defeat the Southern Boss, they could not

energy and merge it into a

was their attempt to hinder the Southern Boss and buy Leon

a deafening sound, the Thompsons' attack clashed with the

Divine Kick shattered their

blood from their

Without hesitation, the Southern Boss

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