Chapter 1577

Gregory stepped back and gave the floor to Sean and Wesley.

After all, the two would be putting on a show for them!

Sean turned to Wesley and calmly asked, “Commander Jokerman, how do you want to challenge me?”

“You can choose, lest you deny it when you lose! Archery, swordsmanship, strength, and close combat. Take your pick!”

Wesley spoke generously.

Sean narrowed his eyes slightly, and a faint murderous aura came from him.

He had put up with Wesley many times, but Wesley repeatedly disrespected him. He even spoke rudely. He was basically treading over him!

It seemed he had to be taught an unforgettable lesson so that he knew there would always be someone better!

“Okay, archery then. But since it’s a challenge, there has to be a prize.

Sean took two steps forward and said slowly.

was here when he heard


give if I win?” Hearing Wesley’s

nothing else, the prize would

write my resignation letter to Commander Lupin and recommend you for the post

silent as

answer in advance, no one believed

position of commander-in-chief for Dorodo’s city defense army!

such enormous power without

resolve and control


prevent Sean from going back on

what if you lose?”

Sean asked again.

“There’s no way I’ll lose!”

meant what if.”

holding back his anger.

looking at Wesley, he could not avoid

the very least, I will resign as chiliarch and let Commander Lennon

“That’s settled then.”

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