Highways built around a mountain,they were very winding.Along the way, the scenery was beautiful, clouds and mists hung over the sky, it was a place where people could forget to leave.

"Squeak!"The sharp scratch and crash suddenly broke the calm of the forest.A BMW coming down from the mountain seemed to be out of control, driving at crazy speeds, drifting from time to time. It was eager and dangerous, like a rally that it was hard to predict the chances of life or death.

There was a young man in the driver's seat. His handsome face condensed look, but he was not panic, just there was a
satirized smile on his face.

Someone tampered with his car, which seemed to be trying to kill him.

But if he died so easily, wasn't that making those people too relaxed and too satisfying?

Not so simple, even if he turned into a malicious ghost, he would not let them go.

The man let out a weird and contemptuous laughter from his throat.But after all, the car could not withstand the downward inertia of the rapid speed and crashed down the mountain with him.Finally, with the sound of an explosion, it turned into a raging fire and the car rolled down the steep mountain slope.

The second day, headline of an unknown newspaper: Alan Hoyle, the new president of the Hoyle Group,his car was destroyed and he was dead,no corpse.

Some people rejoiced and some people grieved.

Seven days later, in the hospital, the helpless doctors and nurses were driven out of the messy ward.

At side of window reflected by sunset,the man was now like a trapped animal in a dark cage, his dark eyes lost focus blankly.

The moment he jumped out of the car, he thought of all kinds of possibilities, such as missing arms and breaking legs, even the death. But he never thought of becoming a blind man, he could not see anything, the world was dark and and the unknown took his senses away. Even though he was as gentle as jade in usual days, he was inevitably as violent as thunder at this time.

A long sigh lightly across his ear, she seemed to pout her lips disdainfully,"Only got a good appearance,you are such a person with little experience,what a pity......"

"Who are you?" His eyes were blind, but his ears became extremely keen. He only felt that someone was less than twenty centimeters away from him, and that the master of the voice should be a young girl.

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