The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 5: Disappeared in the World

Unable to get through to her cell phone, he ran frantically back to the rented small courtyard, which was empty. She took away all traces of her as if she had never appeared in his life.

Only a glass bottle was placed at the head of a bed filled with colorful lucky stars,there were three hundred sixty-five stars in it.He didn't know when she folded them,they witnessed the joy and their love.

But she,from then on,disappeared in the world.

In the luxury bedroom, the sudden ringing of the cell phone woke up the handsome man sleeping in the wide bed.He quickly sat up with his face bathed in sweat, his black eyes were deep.

For five years, those scenes always like a shadow to follow him in dreams.

The mysterious woman confused him to today.


After a while, he answered the phone, "What's the matter?"

The assistant's voice reminded him of his journey respectfully from the other end of his cell phone,"President, your flight to Los Angeles today is seven forty-five. It's seven o'clock sharp, the car is waiting for you at the door."

"I know." The man replied coldly.He lifted the quilt, got out of bed and went into the bathroom. All his athletic body was visible.

Children always had hundred thousand whys, they were full of curiosity and exploration about the world.

"Olive,did you pick me up from the bridge hole?"

The young mother who was doing breakfast looked back at her daughter and said, "Where did you hear that?"

"Mike.He said her mother told him that, all the children were picked up from the bridge hole.The disobedient and crying children will be sent back to the bridge hole by the wind mother in the evening, the big river monster will eat them up."

Olive was speechless,is it alright to educate children in this way? That would frighten their young fragile hearts.She put aside her work and bent down to touch her daughter's head.

"Mommy don't know whether Mike was picked up from the bridge hole,but mommy can be sure that my baby Annie had been living in mommy's belly for ten months and then found the way out because she wanted to see this beautiful world.Annie is the baby angel of mommy, and the darling baby of grandparents."

After the little guy listened, the tangled little brows did not stretch, but she twisted more tightly, like a crumpled caterpillar.

"Didn't I make a big hole on Mommy's belly? It must be very painful. I will blow it for you, it will not painful after blowing.I will be obedient later and do not make mommy angry."

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