The next day, Olive got up early as usual and prepared a simple breakfast for her family and sent Annie to kindergarten.

When she handed in her resignation letter and handed over the formalities, she became completely unemployed. Because she was the department manager, her resignation letter must be handed over to the boss. But when she arrived at the office, she knew that the rich man's son was not working today. Instead, she heard rumors that the company would be acquired by a new listed company and the company was about to change ownership.

The news came suddenly and without warning, but what did that have to do with her?

Susie Maltz walked up to her in high heels and said haughtily, "You can give your resignation letter to me and I'll hand it over to Mr.Geve for you."

Her defensive posture as like she didn't even leave the cracks in eggs.

Olive smiled softly, just like this, she did not have to face the rich man's son who had sinister motives to her, she even said a little gratefully, "OK, then I'll trouble assistant Maltz, I'll go down and hand over my work and tidy up and leave, so as not to hinder some people's eyes and make someone sleep unstable every day."

"You……" Susie Maltz's face was green and angry, but because of the presence of several secretaries, she couldn't break out.

The handover was not complicated. She had printed many things and handed them over to the people concerned. There wasn't much to pack, and she didn't have the habit of putting her personal belongings in the office.

When she left in the afternoon, she was relaxed. She just wanted to find a new job as soon as possible. She had good backbone, but the food could not be cut off. Otherwise, the family would have nothing to eat. She survived the hardest time, and she could go through it anyway.

She went to the newsstand and bought several newspapers. Originally she went for the job information, but she didn't expect to see such a message on the headline: "For the smile of a beauty, mysterious rich businessmen spend gold on one throw to buy luxury houses and present it to famous models."

The picture was a little blurred. The rich businessman looked sideways, but Olive recognized the two person's silhouette at a glance, wasn't this Bruce and the young girl?

She knew it was a common way of hype in the entertainment circle, but Olive felt very upset. Although Chloe knew Bruce was raising a mistress outside. Although the newspaper did not name the rich businessman as him, but with the ubiquity of paparazzi now, his identity would soon exposed.

What would Chloe do then? Even she was self-deception could not continue to pretend.

Chloe had no family to depend on. Her parents regarded her as a money-spinner, her parents in order to let their unpromising son will have the easy and decent life, they would firmly oppose her divorce and persuaded her to bear the burden of humiliation and took on the responsibility of being a wife, and then they could continue to get a lot of alimony from her.

It's really grief that she had such parents.
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