The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 16: You Would Be Sorry for This

The night in December was full of coldness. The wind covered up eyes and the neon lights illuminate the city while the stars above couldn’t be seen. People were suppressed and uncomfortable because of such heavy darkness.

Olive worn tightly a down-filled coat, keeping rubbing hands and ears and moving back and forth. She wanted to warm herself up.

She expected to find somewhere to get warm. But there seemed no such place in the prosperous city that ordinary people like she could afford. Once she went far, she worried to miss that guy.

It had been more than two hours when Bruce came out with men and women who apparently drank because two or three of them walked unsteadily.

Olive abruptly stood before him and stopped him.

Bruce slightly opened his eyes, said confusedly, “Miss Steele, why are you here?”

Olive went straightly to the topic without hesitation, “Mr. Lynn, sorry to disturb you, but I want to talk with you privately.”

Hearing this, several men who stood beside smiled tacitly, looking at Olive with disdain. The woman who carried Bruce glowered as if she met a rival in love. Her voice was like nails scratching the glass.

“Bruce, who is she?”

Finally, Olive saw that heroine of the affair who was younger than eighteen. She looked as beautiful as Chloe. Besides, she had an extra sense of youth.

Probably men preferred young girls. The wives they once loved now became old and unattractive.

The girl who held Bruce’s arm leaned so close against him, which seemed to be unspeakable intimacy as well as ambiguity. She seemed to declare the dominion before Olive.

Olive was dumbfounding. How could a mistress walk tall? What should those decent wives do?

Those men were clever to plan to turn away. But Bruce said, “No need, I don’t know much about Miss Steele, please directly talk with me here.”

Olive was silent for a while, “Are you sure?”

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