The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 22: Met a Ghost at Midnight (1)

Olive curled her lips, wanting to detour. However, that man moved the newspaper away and sat straightly. He passed a bottle of wine with confusing as well as beautiful eyes, “Hey, stay with me, I am lovelorn.”

Olive looked around and found herself was closest to the bench while others were over ten meters away.

The world never was short of lovelorn people.

Somehow, she took the bottle in his hand, “Cheers for the lovelorn.”

She newly broke up with someone.

“Hey, aren’t all women realistic and merciless? She always said she loved me when I worn designer clothes, drove famous cars and used credit cards, which pleased me a lot. However she changed when I had nothing. Why did she betray me and leave me? Why couldn’t she wait me to raise up again? How can women be so bad, so merciless?”

Olive looked at him sympathetically. He looked handsome and was as young as her. There was tears in his eyes that he endured not to fall them off.

Men seldom cried. He might truly fell in love with someone who had no luck to own him.

She drank a few sips, and wiped her mouth by the back of hand, “Not really. Some women are just so stupid. Even they know they can’t fall in love, they love men anyway without strings. They are afraid to be the burden thus they choose to leave and miss men after departure.”

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That woman who left you isn’t suitable for you. But one day, you will meet your true love, the right person in

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Olive couldn’t help but scold, “What kind of guy is that? Doesn’t he fear to meet ghosts at midnight with such

beyond her imagination that the ghost in the car was Alan Hoyle.

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were you the one I was looking for?

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