The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 23: Who Is She Going to Date (1)

Olive realized that someone was behind the back, but she was not sure that person was Alan Hoyle or Susie Maltz.

Alan Hoyle had that ability, Susie Maltz knew many people.

If Susie Maltz wanted to get back at her, it's not impossible to use his connections to put obstacles in her way.

As for Alan Hoyle, if he did that, did he know something? But how was it possible?

But It was just her secret, nobody knew.

Alan Hoyle was obviously satisfied with her return. "You have been working in this company for four years."

Olive nodded. "Yes."

"So you are very familiar with the company's business and processes." He continued.

"Not very much, but all right." Four years, no qualifications, but she was an old staff, especially the Marketing Department, people coming and going, mobility was relatively large.

Alan nodded slightly and said lightly, "In this case, you don't want to stay in the Marketing Department. And I just need an assistant here. You can go directly to President Office for checking in later.”

react, so, she

how could he be stationed here for a long time, and this made her feel sad.

and came to

not used to the powerful aura around him, however, because of this irresistible charm that she had loved him in the best years of her life. Until

has its own general manager and general manager assistant to take care of big and small matters. And they would like

face was so close to her that she could count his lashes.

"May I take it that Mr. Hoyle is trying to seduce female employees to

will you commit a crime?" He was the same as before, even a faint smile

her lip and said, "No, I still want to support my family and I don't want to be the target

was deep and indistinguishable, "So, are you ready for the

Olive stepped out of his pressure loop like escaping a horrible thing, walking, not running,

and you will get a share of the company's profits at the end of the year. But you must be on

"No." Olive stopped and

her lack of interest, Alan was not angry, seemed to be very patient to listen

all the time I spend with my family. So, I hope Mr. Hoyle's total 24 hours will not affect

"Dare to bargain with the boss, you are the

a very obedient person, Mr. Hoyle can not hire me and find a mannered one."

to dismiss you? I am not a workaholic, as long as you are usually productive and I can meet your requirements." At this point, the two people's consensus was basically agreed, Alan remembered something, and told her, "Tomorrow morning at nine o 'clock I

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