The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 34: You Broke Too Many My Principles

Olive and Ivy had an argument about where to have the dinner. Both looked after each other's love. In the end, they solved it half joking by rock, paper, scissors.

When Alan walked out, he saw the sunlight of winter was jumping on Olive's face like and her face was like a blooming winter jasmine, so warm, free and outgoing. She did not avoid laughing or playing that may arouse suspicion even though the street was busy.

The intimacy between Ivy and Olive burned Alan's eyes. His face became gloomy gradually.

Olive Steele, if you were really the girl, had you already forgot the oath we kept that day? Did you think that I was blind and easy to tease so you made up a game of finding to play me?

But Olive, were you the girl or not? Why your sight on me was such strange? And why there was only you are giving me the similar strong feeling that I could not get rid of it.

"I'd like to collect all the information about that man." Alan always believed in his feeling. Ivy the man, Alan seemed him a hostility now.

" Yes." Dave looked at his boss with worry. He moved his lips but finally he said nothing else.

Olive lost to Ivy. After they hung around, when the grew a little dark, she was led to a 100 years history hotpot restaurant. The business was extremely good here. A lot of cars were parking outside the restaurant and some of them came here from far away since they heard the fame.

place to park the car so they could just park the

in hurry to catch a movie leaving the restaurant and the seat was just beside the window. It was quite good since they could see the

unabashed youth was just like her in the past. She supported her chin by hand and

you old now? Pretending to

a 4 years old kid. “Olive ridiculed herself. She seemed not to talk more about it so she called the waiter.

eating meat rolls, fish slice, beef belly, shrimps and vegetables was a extremely amusing thing.

Ivy asked

Not long ago. It just changed somehow like the boss jumped to the company from the sky and the whole company changed a owner. I don't have any clue about that even now." Olive shrugged then continued eating the food in

take away your food. Girls usually eat light food deliberately to keep a good condition of their skin. They are afraid of having pimples. But you are totally different, you will not be happy if there is

can eat and which one is not will make the life very boring, isn't it? And they will lose a lot of happiness of eating. Why they treat themselves grindingly?" This was the Olive's cate principal.

sat in the car and watched Olive far away. He was boring that he even

Olive Steele, you broke too many principles of mine.

was seething with people and full of hot vapor. She

the place. There were lots of people walking around but that did

Controlled the amount

girl was good at cooking.

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