The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 46: She Couldn’t Afford the Risk

Olive took the glass in her hand. After hesitating for a while, Olive touched his glass by her glass. She lifted her head, drank, and drained it. She raised her eyebrow at him defiantly, and she looked attractive when she did that.

Alan laughed, "aren't you afraid I'll force you to have sex with me after a few drinks?"

Olive picked up the wine bottle of La Romanee-Conti from some years and poured each other another glass of wine, "it's wasteful not to drink good wine. Men get drunk and have sex that's just their excuse. They used it either to embolden them or to commit murder. Alan, are you such a disgusting person?"

Alan took the glass in his hand,shook it slowly, and looked at her meaningfully, "I'm not interested in other people. But I can't promise you I won't get drunk and have sex with you. "

Olive felt the veins in her temples throbbing violently. She faked a smile, "Alan, you're joking again."

"I'm serious." Alan looked at her deeply. His dark eyes were deep and difficult to distinguish. They looked like the deep pool and ancient well that the surface looked calm, but in fact the waves have been very rough beneath.

"Well, do I look like a sheep in a tiger's mouth and am I just sitting there waiting to die?" Olive smiled. She was not afraid of him. She was just not sure what he was thinking behind his serious face. She had to play a joke to hide her panic.

He replied, "let’s drink. You said it's wasteful not to drink good wine"

Olive could not follow the logic of his words.

to get drunk with a

wine that intoxicated but the drinker who got himself drunk.

the other hand, struggled to keep awake after a few drinks. She told herself that this man belonged to another woman, and that woman could turn her family upside down overnight.

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storylines on TV. Olive’s eyes lit up. She arranged the empty bottles, two wine glasses, a few mineral water bottles and

sleep on that side, and I sleep on this side. One should

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from him. She had to save her strength, "but you said you wouldn't do anything to me

I said, it was hard for me to control myself when I met you." His eyes flickered with fascination for

for five years, only she made him have such a strong feeling. He and she seemed to know for

scolded a high-spirited man to the dust. He

thought of this sentence to describe how he felt: I've been looking for her, but I can't find her anywhere. I suddenly look back, but found that she's right in front of me, not far

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