The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 49: Why Do You Have Scar on Your Body?

Olive sneered. “Mr. Hoyle, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not your ‘girl’. This body, if you want it, take it. There is no need to find too many grand reasons for yourself. This makes me feel that you are hypocritical. Hurry up, don't talk so much nonsense."

Her impatient tone concealed her panic. What caused him to see the clue. Her parents even did not know the secret years.

Alan's eyes grew deeper and more unfathomable. "You can tell me stop it."

"Stop it? Can I escape ? I can escape but I can’t hide, right? I've seen a lot of men like you, they have a desire to conquer their favorite prey. Once they get , the girls will be discarded like rags. It is Men's bad nature.” Olive scoffed at him and raised her lips ironically.

Alan was not annoyed, but smiled. If he persisted in something, how could he let it go easily? Girl, if it was really you, how can I let you go?

You just continued to be stubborn.

His deep laughter filled the crowded tent, which made Olive feel even more enigmatic,she had no ideas in her heart.

It has to be admitted that his flirting skill was frightening. Every movement and every breath made her tremble and lost her ability to resist.

in addition to working or taking care of the family, in Chloe's words, her daily life was

and she also thought marrying another man who is not disgusting when she was older enough. But inside, she couldn't open her heart to men except him.

Chloe took her to the bar on her birthday to find her a gigolo, saying that she wanted to break her rules and end her ascetic life. Chloe finally came to the conclusion that she was a deep mountain nun who had

also doubted if she had any underlying

she was shy. Were there no other men for her these years?

was a

have her life, would make boyfriends or even cohabitation, he could ignore. As long as he found her, he could forgive the past. However, because of the possessive desire of a

delighted him physically and mentally.

me, do you feel comfortable

could not see his expression, but she could clearly feel his eyes. She felt her face burning, her hands were pressed on the top of her head by his one palm, and the sweat in her

that when you can't see, other potentials in your body will be exploited

mind and faithfully responded to the original emotions, which left

tell whether it was good or bad.

"Why there is a scar here?" His finger pressed on

gradually with

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