Xenia did not mind the presence of an outsider, Olive.Her pent-up discontent seemed to find an outlet, and she poured out her complaints. She also said in a somewhat heartless way, "my brother said that sacrificing his marriage alone is enough, and there is no need to sacrifice my happiness. Hey, Ivy, if I really have to run away one day, how about I run to you? You'll take me in, won't you?"

She was a child after all. She began to shake Ivy's leg pitifully.

Olive was dejected. Look, this was the love of the rich. If it's cheap, but the betrothal presents and dowry were worth a fortune, but it’s expensive, it seemingly could be bought cheaply and sold cheaply. Thus, Alan, even though I still remember you and you still miss me, there was no future between us.

You couldn’t let go of your responsibilities, and I couldn’t ignore the lives of my family and the contempt in your mother's eyes. Annie, she was the only precious gift you have left me. I named her Annie because I wanted her to grow up safe and sound. I wanted her to live a normal life, healthy and happy. So forgive me for not telling you who she was. I was afraid you would have to fight me for custody. I didn’t want her to be unable to live her own life as a child, and I didn’t want her to be unable to live her own life as an adult, too.

"Olive, you seem to have something on your mind." Ivy’s hand was on the steering wheel and he found that Olive looked strange in the rearview mirror.

Olive came to herself with a slight sigh. "It's nothing," she said. "But I suddenly feel, involuntarily, this is a very cruel word."

"Olive, do you like anyone?" Xenia turned from her copilot's seat and looked at Olive. She hesitated a little.

Olive knew what she meant. Olive chuckled, "I used to like someone."

But that's a secret.

used to

that Olive didn’t want to answer this question. He reached out and turned Xenia's face back, “little girl, don't pry into adults' privacy.”

years and seventeen days younger than you. Can you stop take advantage of

Olive stunned, "you're 21 years old? I really don't know."

you look at her face, you may think that she is a high

grumbled, "it's not my fault that I

time, but baby-faced people have a

good talker. Although my baby face is cute, but no one loves me." Xenia signed heavily, turned her face sideways

from the street to the end of the street. Your choice of spouse is too demanding.”

them really like me. They are good at beer and skittles, but they are not suitable for a relationship. "

of people do you like?" Ivy asked casually.

like people like you, okay? You are handsome, pretty, cultured, and not domineering." Xenia smiled and glowed.

She knew what she wanted and what she didn’t want. But it was her cleverness, and the fact that she was born into such a family, that made Olive worry about Xenia's future. It could

in front of an unobtrusive building

altogether different world. Olive only thought of these words: a hot spot

room, young

people oiled their feet

You have to eat well and have fun." Xenia was like a host, and she did not look like a gentle young lady at all.

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