The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 59: Olive, You Are Mine

Alan, standing on the balcony, heard himself gulping. Her flawless figure, he saw it all. The word that came out of her phone seemed to pierce his ear, and made his heart fry in the pan. His heart ached.

He waited a long time in her room. She had the audacity to leave him alone at the party and walk away from him in public. He hated texting. He thought it's a waste of time and it would be easier to call. However, he was afraid of losing his temper when he called, so he tried to use a gentle way to ask her where she was by texting message.

But she was cold enough. She chose to ignore him. When his patience was exhausted, she had turned off her cell phone when he called her.

She did it on purpose. This woman, she was born to annoy him.

Over the years, he has learned to control his emotions in front of others, but she could easily make him lose his mind.

Olive came out of the bathroom, and she's drying her wet hair with a dry towel. When she looked up, she's horrified to find Alan sitting on her bed, and looking at her phone.

His expression looked gloomy, and his eyes looked fierce. He looked like he was going to eat her.

She would be going to have a heart attack someday. Every time he appeared in front of her, he was as stealthy and silent as a ghost.

you here?" Knowing that he had the means to open her room, but in order to cover up the fact that she intentionally

am waiting for you." Alan

because she angered the Big Bad Wolf like him. That's not a good thing. But at that moment she was impulsive. In order to struggle with him, she didn't want him to be too happy, so she automatically ignored the serious consequences of offending him and left

was a mean man.

in his dressing gown, his sash hanging loosely around his body, revealing his robust chest, and he was full of the air of

wine glass on the table.

couldn’t help but be alarmed. How long has he been in this room? She didn't know it at all. Had he

intoxication was gone. Her face grew redder and redder. If she had known he would be waiting so idly in her room, she would not have come out in such a

was nervous or because she was drunk, Olive heard her own voice falter, "Alan, it's getting late. Maybe you

Alan stifled his anger. He threw the phone on the bed. He moved closer and closer to her. Olive backed up until she's against the

bodies pressed together. His slender fingers wound round her wet hair. He didn't put much force on his fingers, but he made her feel pain.

you think you ought to explain something to me?" Olive could smell the liquor on his breath, and the smell came up to her

"Are you angry?” she asked timidly. Despite all the factors, even if she was just his ordinary assistant, it

furious. This woman, she asked while

before I leave.” She quickly bowed her head and confessed. The present

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