The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 65: Will You Die for not Narcissistic

"Let’s go back, don't tell dad and mom, I don't want them to worry about me." It's been long time enough to stay out.”

The time for dolphin shows was almost over.

Chloe walked and asked, "Then are you ready to look for a new job."

"If I don't work, may I depend the Northwest wind to live?"

"The crows are black all over the world. None of Men are good." Chloe was hurt in marriage, and she was cynical.

"You can't see everyone as the same type. Our father is a perfect man." Olive is not boasting. It's hard to find a man like her father.

Recently, a popular post on the Internet said that: He likes me to be plain without makeup, like my long hair and to make a ponytail. Every noon, he asked me what I’ll have for lunch and what I want for dinner. He will frown and said you bought clothes again. Then he praised your clothes are so beautiful. He taught me not to waste money and then handed in his bank card; when he heard me cry on the phone, he would be silent and say, "Come back, I support you." The man who loves me the most in the world has married my mother.

Father is such a man.

Chloe nodded. "Dad maybe a rare species from Mars. Such a biological is going to be extinct on earth."

Olive rolled her eyes, but she still believed that there were good men in the world, but she had not met the most suitable one yet.

not her true destiny.

can't come, but she hasn't forgot him for five years.

take them out when she was insomnia.

today. I can't afford a big meal for now, but it's okay to have a hot pot at

a guest?" Annie asked, looking up with her little head.

eat KFC, but asked adults in such a witty way.

said, "Go and ask your mother. If she agrees, I will agree, too."

OK?" The little fellow came and hooked her

doesn't mind eating it once in a while. What does it matter that a child has a greedy mouth and occasionally meets her wishes?

it, how about we go to eat hot pot, and when we are back, we buy KFC for dinner, okay?"

to have chicken wings and French fries, and hamburgers."

pinched her little face

"Ouch, Mommy Chloe, be a little light. I'm little and fragile. How can I stand such a pinch? I don't want to be a little fat girl."

like a little adult that made everyone laughed.

a mandarin duck pot, people who like spicy can eat the spicy side, others like light to eat the white pot, and there are dip sauces can be self-mixing.

tie your arms and swallow it in

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