Chapter 2375

Ivy’s stance was crystal clear; she’d rather bunk in her dorm than stay at home.

She never did take to Mara, and he should’ve taken that to heart!

Balfour was filled with a twinge of regret.

With a hiss, Mara stirred, but Balfour swiftly pinned her shoulders down, “Don’t move.

Your wound’s just been dressed. I’ll get the doctor to check on you.”

Before Mara could even reply, Balfour had already called for the doctor.

Watching his retreating figure, Mara’s lips curled into a satisfied smile. Despite getting hurt today, the outcome was rather pleasing.

She knew it-Balfour cared about her!

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over and check if there’s anything else

no need to worry. Mrs. Howard’s just come around. Some discomfort is normal after a knock to the head. Right now, she just needs to rest easy. Our nurses will come by regularly

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and said, “Doctor, you’re mistaken. I’m not

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“What exactly happened in the bathroom?

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an answer and pressed on, “There were only you and Ivy in the rest room. What happened? I

occasionally stubborn with Balfour, but she never

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