The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 2

“Did the Gibsons really do that?” Kai furrowed his eyebrows, as he could not believe Sandy would do something like that.

Back when he was arrested, she even screamed in tears, saying that she would wait to marry him after he was released from prison.

Why did it turn out this way? As a result, Kai decided to see Sandy to ask her about it.

Suddenly, someone banged on their door heavily. The impact was so forceful that the door almost collapsed from it.

The moment Hannah heard the knock, her face turned pale in terror.

“Mom, who is it?” Kai asked curiously upon noticing his mother’s reaction.

“Don’t get involved. Go to your room quickly and don’t come out, no matter what!”

After pushing him into his room, Hannah anxiously went to open the door.

Just as she did, a bald man entered with a group of fierce-looking men whose bodies were covered with tattoos.

“Have you prepared the money?” the bald man queried, glancing at Hannah.

“Baldy, I have. It’s here.”

Hannah nodded repeatedly as she felt for a pouch in the corner.

At that moment, many of the neighbors had crowded around. However, they kept their distance at the sight of Baldy.

“These guys come asking for money every month. What a ruthless bunch!”

“Exactly. Where is the rule of law?”

been sent by the Scott family to collect

criticized the men’s actions. Unfortunately,

Baldy snatched the pouch from Hannah’s

this even add up to ten thousand?” Baldy thundered at Hannah. “Baldy, it’s all there, and we counted it. If you don’t believe me,

his room,

gaze across Baldy and his men, sending a chill down

you shouldn’t be out here. Go back into

desperately tried to push him

me deal with this.

Hannah on a chair,

scrutinized Kai, Baldy sneered, “Aren’t you the guy who hit Mr. Scott with a brick and was imprisoned three years for it? I’m surprised that you’re out! Your timing is impeccable. Today is the day your girlfriend and Mr. Scott are going to get married. As her ex-boyfriend, aren’t you going to


men burst

“What did you say?”

brows, Kai was filled with

is marrying Mr. Scott today. The wedding is being held at Glamor Hotel, and it is certainly luxurious. Aren’t

Baldy smirked at Kai.

Kai’s face intensified, he balled his

him, Hannah was trembling all over as her

enemy after Kai went to prison

my mother. Do it, and I’ll spare your

frosty as a murderous aura

the tension in the air, Baldy

comprehension dawned, and Baldy fumed, “What did you say? You want me to

threw a punch

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