The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 4

“What are you doing?” Josephine jumped between Kai and her father, but Kai was already done.

As for William, he suddenly felt his breathing improve while color gradually returned to his face.

“I have temporarily kept your injury in check. Considering how old your injury is, you will need a long duration of treatment in order to fully recover,” Kai explained.

“Thank you for saving me. I really can’t thank you enough.” William grabbed Kai’s hand and expressed his gratitude continuously.

Meanwhile, Josephine was astounded to see the glow return to her father’s cheeks and the improvement in his condition.

“I saved you because I’m aware of your philanthropic work. Considering you have built more than ten schools, I’m obliged to do something for you.”

Kai saved William because he knew of William’s good heart. If it had been a stranger, he naturally would not have bothered, especially after Josephine had been rude to him and almost killed him. After all, Kai was not a saint who went around healing everyone.

William was visibly embarrassed by Kai’s words. “What I’ve done is not even worth mentioning. Young man, since you’ve saved me, just tell me whatever it is that you want. Now that it’s almost noon, why don’t I treat you to lunch at Glamor Hotel?”

“It’s fine. I still have something to take care of.”

Shaking his head, Kai declined the invitation, as he wanted to confront Sandy to clear the air.

Kai’s rejection caught William by surprise. As Horington’s richest man, there were many who wanted to buy him lunch. Nevertheless, only those who walked the corridors of power had the honor of dining with him.

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