The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 21

Kai frowned in disbelief. “I’m really a resident here. I even have a key to the house!” Kai exclaimed as he took out a key from his pocket.

That was the key that was given to Kai by William. It had the crest of Dragon Bay in gold on it. Because of how exquisite the key looked, the security guard did not doubt its authenticity.

After taking a closer look at the key, the security guard sized Kai up once more. “Hey, where did you get this key from? It’s a key to the mansion on top of the mountain in Dragon Bay. This mansion is the most expensive of all the properties here. Since it was purchased by Mr. Sullivan, how did this key end up in your hands?”

Kai was shocked upon hearing that. Wow! The mansion William gave to me is the most expensive of them all? What a gift!

“Indeed, Mr. Sullivan gave it to me,” Kai answered truthfully.

“Nonsense! Why would he give it to you? You must’ve either stolen it or found it on the ground somewhere, am I right?” the security guard shouted suspiciously. He then waved for a few more of his fellow security guards. “Keep your eyes on them! I need to make a phone call to clarify this.”

After giving out the order, the security guard left hurriedly with the key.

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