The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 24

As Kai was bringing them around, he could feel the spiritual energy the place had.

It was essential to Kai because he needed that for his cultivation. “What a perfect location this is for training!”

“What did you say?” Hannah asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I said this is a perfect place for retirement!” Kai laughed awkwardly.

When they were walking around, they arrived at the entrance gate. That was where Sandy’s car was stopped. Apparently, Sandy and the others were still there, and they saw Kai walking by.

Kai smiled coldly at them as they stood on each side of the gate. Behind that smile, contempt was written all over his face.

Sandy was clenching her teeth so forcefully it could be heard from miles away! She couldn’t accept the fact that Kai had become the owner of the most sought-after mansion.

mansion! Would you ask him out for a meal with us?”

“Sure!” Kai nodded.

So the mansion isn’t his after all! Sandy was somewhat satisfied when

mansion belongs to the Sullivan family. It seems like Kai is just showing

saved William’s life, he plans to leech off of

and the others

borrowed the mansion, it’s still far better than yours! Come on over then, if you could.” Upon hearing their

the Sullivan family is going to stand by you forever!” Sandy blurted before she turned

structure of the road, the side of the gate Kai was standing on was higher. Hence, it

from now on. She’s a vicious lady!” Hannah advised after hearing the way she was speaking

our tour!” Kai held onto Hannah as they continued walking. Gary was following them from

back to the mansion to get some rest. That was when a red Porsche suddenly

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