The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 26

“Kai, she’s such a nice lady. I could sense that she came from a well-off family. Despite that, she never once acted arrogantly. You have to work harder so that you can have a relationship with her!” Hannah advised after Josephine had left.

“Mom, stop it! We’re just friends!” Kai answered helplessly.

“Indeed, Kai. I think she’s nice, too! Listen to your mom. Work harder to please Josephine. You know I’m always right when it comes to these things!” Gary added.

It was incredibly rare for Gary to talk casually with Kai. So, it meant that he was very sure of how he felt toward Josephine.

“All right, you two. Stay out of it!” Kai went into his bedroom after that.

After he had gotten into his bedroom, Kai didn’t go to bed. Instead, he sat down on the floor with his legs crossed. He then calmed himself down and shut his eyes before initiating the Focus Technique. Suddenly, waves and waves of spiritual energy rushed toward him.

an instruction from Draco, Kai insisted that he would continue refining his spiritual energy even after getting out

long after that, all the spiritual energy on the mountain top had gathered around

being in the early stages of the process, the amount of spiritual energy that he could absorb was still considered to be little. However, slowly but surely,

better in his life. It was because the spiritual energy at the

for breakfast!” Kai stretched his body and got out of his bedroom

was gentler toward him,

stroll. On the other hand, Kai planned to head out to visit an antique market. He was hoping to find a calligraphy brush and

his mom and restore her

Warrick had spent the

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