The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 29

At that moment, many in the crowd had seen Kai spend ten thousand to purchase a rusty lump of iron ore. Some were having a heated debate over it, while others laughed mockingly at him.

Given how young Kai was, they assumed he would be easily duped in his attempt to find treasures in Antique Street.

Nevertheless, Kai ignored their comments and the fat stall owner’s laughter. Instead, he gently squeezed the piece of iron ore, causing the rust to gradually break apart.

Crack! The iron ore split open in his hand.

After that, the crack began to grow bigger.

“Wow, the kid has a really strong grip!”

“Did he just spend ten thousand so that he can exercise his grip?”

“Since he doesn’t look rich from his outfit, does he have any violent tendencies? Or else, why break it right after buying it?”

The crowd couldn’t believe what was happening.

Even the fat stall owner stared intently at Kai, curious as to what he was up to.

in half, and a dazzling

the size of one’s thumb was revealed to

threw away its shell. Evidently, the spiritual energy he had felt earlier

“T-that’s an imperial jade!”


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stall owner, was so stupefied that their eyes almost popped

into a pendant for his mother. By wearing it, she would be able to

Kai was about to leave, the

don’t you sell the rock to me?” the stall owner

his head and prepared

intention of selling, his expression drastically changed. “Kid, have you made a mistake? That piece of jade belongs

was stunned. “I just bought this, so how can it be yours? In fact, everyone just saw me purchase

lump of iron ore, not this piece of jade. You can take the iron ore with you, but

speaking, a group of menacing-looking men suddenly

something inside, he should have opened it at home instead of doing it here, which was just asking for

gotten his hands on. The piece of imperial

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