The More The Merrier

Chapter 3: Misidentifying The Son

“I'm sorry! We don't want to take any pictures! Thank you for taking an interest in us, but you better stop taking pictures,” Zachary pleaded.

After turning down the crowd's request, he approached Jasper and tapped him on the shoulder to warn him not to let other people take pictures of him.

Jasper stuck out his tongue at his elder brother. Nevertheless, he followed Zachary's advice and ceased his poses obediently.

Not only was the public not angry at the rejection, but they were also impressed by Zachary's politeness in handling the situation. They continued to watch the quadruplets with interest.

As more curious onlookers began to gather around them, Arissa hurriedly shouted at her children,

“Come on, kids! Let's move faster!” They could not afford to stay any longer to avoid causing congestion at the airport.

The four young children immediately followed their mother's lead and moved away from the crowd. However, Oliver York suddenly called out to Arissa, “Mommy, I want to pee. I had too much juice on the plane just now.”

Oliver clamped his legs together while looking desperately for any sign of a restroom. As soon as he saw a sign, he wanted to rush toward it.

“Okay, I'll bring you guys over there!” Arissa prompted.

She also wanted to use the restroom, so she let her children enter first as she watched over their luggage.

“Zachary, I need to poop!” Oliver told his elder brother before rushing to an empty cubicle.

“Ugh, you're so troublesome. Hurry up!” Zachary admonished him before leading Jasper and Jesse out after washing their hands.

“Mommy, we're done. You can go in now. Also, Oliver is still inside.”

“Okay, you guys be good and wait for me here. Remember not to wander off on your own!”

Arissa reminded her children before entering the ladies' restroom.

“Gosh! I wonder when Dani will arrive. I've been waiting since four o'clock. Yet, there's still no sign of her!”

“Four o'clock? I've been waiting here since last night, just in case I missed her flight!”

“There! Dani's plane has finally arrived! Come, follow me!”

“What? Wait for me!”

could be

by the crowd's reaction to the repeated mentions of a person

group of young fans. Well, only fans would be in that kind of frenzy

stood beside the family's luggage along with his two younger siblings. Suddenly, a group of people dashed out of the ladies' restroom, and they headed in the same direction. The three siblings jumped

the other two to the side to avoid getting hit by the rushing

knocking over our stuff! How rude!” Jasper glared at

brother in lifting the luggage and echoed, “I know, right? They're

their parents knew about their awful behaviors, they would surely regret giving birth

while waiting obediently

stopped at the sight

tugged the hem of Zachary's shirt

So don't run off on your own!” Zachary advised despite also wanting to get

cotton candy overseas. They only found out about such a thing from

on! I'll be back immediately once I've bought the cotton candy. Mommy and Oliver are still inside the

the store, leaving Zachary unable to do anything to dissuade his

“Be careful!”

Jasper cheered as

other side of the airport, a group of bodyguards looked around frantically

no! This is bad. Gavin has

find him! If Mr. Graham

in different directions, hoping

size. Nonetheless, with it being jam-packed with people, it would be a daunting task for anyone to search for

searching for a while, one of the eagle-eyed bodyguards spotted a familiar figure with

there buying cotton candy.” The bodyguard

a minute,

last! Please don't give us such a fright anymore! There are too many people in the airport. It's

Jasper's response, nor did they notice the difference in the appearance of the young boy. One bodyguard took the cotton

stunned by

to his senses

I'll scream!” Jasper fiercely warned the group of black-clad bodyguards. He intended not to

around! Your daddy will be worried sick

on them. They continued to coax him as they rushed toward the Rolls-Royce without further delay.Jasper's eyes widened in fear.

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