The More The Merrier

Chapter 5: This Man Is His Daddy

Zachary chastised his brother, “You've been told to return after buying the things. Yet, you wandered off and made us worry. You must not do this again next time, or I will smack you!”

Gavin froze as it was the first time a kid had ever scolded him. Excluding Benjamin, he was always the one who wanted to hit people back at home.

At that moment, cheers erupted in one corner of the airport.

“Dani! Dani!”

“Dani! Abh! Dani! The most beautiful goddess!”

Arissa turned to look at the fans who were pushing their way to the exit in a frenzy.

“Dumb fans. They knocked over our luggage earlier and didn't even apologize!” Jesse scolded, looking adorable as she huffed. Jesse's voice sounded the most feminine out of the four kids.

“I'm genuinely curious as to what celebrity caused these people to act so irrationally!” Zachary snorted.

“Did anyone get hurt?” Arissa was taken aback. If her children remained silent, she would have no way of knowing.

“No. They just knocked over our luggage and ran off!” Zachary grunted and glared over at them.

“They're truly obnoxious. I'm going to show them a thing or two!” Oliver, who also just found out about it, intended to seek vengeance.

Arissa quickly stopped the impulsive Oliver. “Come back.”

Gavin stared at the fans with a look of disdain. “Mommy, let's leave quickly. These people are really annoying!”

Gavin was thoroughly annoyed. Most importantly, he did not want to meet the woman because he was frightened of being identified.

“All right, let's go.” Arissa gathered her children and quickly headed outside. She gave no thought to the celebrity.

Gavin looked over in the direction of the Rolls-Royce and vaguely saw a child in it. He exhaled a sigh of relief. As expected, Jasper had been mistaken for him.

“Mommy, there are a lot of people here. Let's go out that way!” Gavin was afraid of being spotted by the bodyguards. As a result, he took a step forward and tugged on Arissa's hand to guide her to the opposite side. Arissa noticed that the other exit was busier. She couldn't decide whether she should laugh or cry. “Sweetheart, there are more people this way!”

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