Chapter 1250

“Ouch.” Bruce subconsciously rubbed his temples again.

Seeing this, Joanna asked with concern, “Is your head hurting again?”

“Yes. I can’t bear it anymore. Let Miya massage my head for me.”


Bruce did not say anything else. He turned around and went to the physiotherapy room.

A while passed.

Miya came over to massage Bruce’s head.

His head was really hurting badly today. Fortunately, Miya’s massage skills were very good.

After a while, Bruce’s headache eased and he gradually fell asleep.

As Miya looked at Bruce’s sleeping face, she was unconsciously lost in thought.

Although she hated Bruce to the core and wanted revenge, she had to admit that Bruce was indeed very handsome. Moreover, he was really a very charming man.

If Bruce hadn’t caused Miya’s grandfather’s death, Miya would probably have been tempted by him.

Miya’s massaging hands gradually slowed down. And she began to massage Bruce’s shoulders and arms.

Her fingers brushed over every part of his body. It was really like a carefully carved sculpture.

Miya was in a daze.

“Ah. Aria…” Bruce’s entire body trembled. He suddenly woke up from the nightmare and subconsciously grabbed Miya’s hand.

Miya was shocked. “Mr. Everett, what’s wrong?”

he was covered

a few seconds, he gradually regained consciousness and hurriedly

“I’m sorry.”

Miya smiled

Everett, did you have

Bruce took a deep breath and lay back

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Aria fell off a cliff and was devoured by countless pythons. He went to save her and then also

said as she began to stand beside Bruce again, concentrating on massaging

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slowly implement the second step of


feeling that Aria was definitely in

was a knock on

on the door

arm. When she saw Joanna enter, she subconsciously retreated

saw this, her expression froze. “Are

lay down and

head or other parts. It was all

a little tired. He really enjoyed Miya’s massage technique. Therefore, he did not refuse when Miya massaged his shoulders, back, and even legs.

you scream outside,”

Everett just had a nightmare,” Miya

kind of nightmare?”

It’s just a dream.

“Is dinner ready?”

to eat,”

lazily, stood up, and followed Joanna

deep breath and felt a little

not something out of line.


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