The Runaway Groom

Chapter 1111

Putting everything into a diaper bag, Lulu carried Star over to Vivian, whose legs grew sore from waiting.

She thought Lulu would work fast, but she was dragging her feet!

Vivian could not help doubting Lulu's competence just then.

“Let's go," she said, ready to leave when Lulu stopped her.

"Hold on. You take this," Lulu gestured at the stroller, since she had to carry Star and the diaper bag.

Vivian had no choice but to stay behind Lulu as she wheeled the stroller along, her eyes filled with contempt as she glared at Lulu.

Shaking her hair off her shoulders, she muttered under her breath, “I'll let you have this. I'll make you pay soon enough!”

babysitter had to make her wait for

Lulu got into the backseat as soon

the stroller in the backseat and found Lulu sitting where she sat, she clenched her knuckles and muttered under

a mere

strode off to ride shotgun despite her frustration, saying, “Sorry to keep you

was surprised how young she was, he could not help being sarcastic. "I was waiting so long I thought it was some VVIP." Lulu

that she would be leaving and would definitely stay home if

had to pack up for the baby, so it

also refusing to mention that Lulu had no idea they were leaving, merely telling the chauffeur indirectly that Lulu kept him waiting. "Oh, Ms.

side, Lulu held her tongue, while Vivian giggled from the man's flattering. "Come on now. We're all just employees here." Subtly prostrating herself, Vivian was certainly shrewd when it came to drawing people to her

even glanced at Lulu's reaction with the rearview mirror, smugly raising her brow as Lulu

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