The Supreme God

Chapter 5236 The Tense Situation

Time flew by and all the while, Austin comprehended more laws.

However, with every second, more black runes entered the small world

and headed straight for Austin.

Before long, he was consumed by the movements of the black runes and he sighed out of frustration.

Restlessness filled him. He wanted to focus on his comprehension of the remaining laws, but he couldn't concentrate.

The black runes continued to appear

until the small world was full of them. They rolled and roared through the air.

From a distance, the small world looked like a black world.

It was filled with the energy and laws of darkness.

Even though Austin had placed a lot of worlds of mind power and arrays to protect himself, the number of the black runes was increasing and the small world where Austin was cultivating in seclusion had undergone a huge change.

It now looked like a lair of the darkness race.

"It must be the darkness race's wizards that disturbed me! Maybe they are using a secret technique!

Soon, I will find them and kill them all!"

Austin said, gritting his teeth.

"But I don't know what I should do right now. If these black runes keep coming, I can't continue comprehending the remaining laws.

I won't be able to make a breakthrough in that case,"

Austin muttered. Annoyance slowly seeped into his veins and he ground his teeth together.

'I have to force myself to calm down, '

he thought, nodding his head firmly.

Feeling determined, he closed his eyes and took slow, deep breaths.

Meanwhile, in the ancestral temple of the darkness race, the wizards were reporting back to each other.

"Everyone, I have great news. The Soul Killing Skill we used on Austin has successfully distracted him.

me that

harder. If we keep using the Soul Killing Skill, we will be able to stop Austin from

a proud, booming voice.

has led him to provoke our darkness race several times.

the consequences for messing with our darkness race

wizards that were

and used the Soul Killing Skill to disturb Austin

"Everyone, we've arrived.

over there, Austin is cultivating in seclusion and trying to break through to a

of Darkness and the four senior leaders from the Time Chamber Sect had reached the

the small world where Austin is

outcome will be killing

we can deal with the third Lord

of Darkness continued.

"All right."

senior leaders from the Time Chamber Sect nodded

"Take action!

time, or

Darkness ordered with

that moment, energy explosions filled

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Darkness and the four senior leaders from the Time Chamber Sect, towering over them.

laws appeared one after another and attacked

the runes and laws were the laws of reincarnation and

leaders from the Time Chamber Sect felt their bodies sinking like

John had set up booby traps around the Fallen Divine Valley.

space cage

senior leaders from

"Go to hell!"

Emperor traveled through the space and stopped a few feet away from the three Lords of Darkness


Chamber Sect paused. They had thought that they had the illusion of surprise on their side. They hadn't prepared

afraid. We have more powerful people on our side. Calm down, everyone. Let's focus on escaping and then, we'll

first Lord of Darkness yelled.

cage. It can't do

senior leaders from the Time Chamber


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