The Supreme God

Chapter 13 The Fifth-grade Martial Art Skill (Part One)

Austin returned to his own hovel.

As soon as he could breathe peacefully again, the first thing he did was to sit down on his feet and start his vital energy to heal his wounds and recover his strength.

Although he was not hurt badly during the fight against Rafat Sun tonight, but there were still minor wounds all over his body which caused irritation every time he moved.

The ones he had sustained on his belly however, were a bit severe. Fortunately for him, he had moved back just in time or his guts would have been pulled out mercilessly.

He had also collided with Rafat using his vital energy face to face and this had consumed most of it. His arms were still swollen from the effort.

To be very honest, he had managed to live today by mere luck. Rafat had been badly hurt and was afraid to go all out against him. If he hadn't held back today, the result of the fight would have been too horrible to imagine—not that there would be anything left of Austin to imagine with.

'I was too impulsive in my fights today. I should be more careful in the future.' Austin told himself.

Austin kept on meditating whilst sitting on his feet on the bed. Soon he was completely indulged in the movement of his vital energy and was lost to the world.

The energy flow in the air seemed to be controlled now. Following the path of the Purple Yang formula, the flow was now directed towards Austin and moving into his body with every breath he took. It would have been a magnificent sight if anyone was there to witness it.

The entire night passed in his cultivation.

He sat still for hours and hours and the next day, he suddenly opened his eyes and woke up from the meditation. His eyes looked bright and sharp now.

The sun had already risen high in the sky and the strong and hot sunlight was seeping inside the room through the cracks of the hovel. Despite the uncomfortable ambiance, it was very bright inside.

night, he didn't feel tired. On the

body had turned a lot denser than before and whatever amount of it had

made him joyous was that even though he used up almost all of his vital energy last night, it didn't have any bad influence on his cultivation skills. On the contrary, the speed at which he absorbed energy

his previous cultivation experience

was one of the most effective ways

mind would be more sensitive after it was used to think about something for a long time, one's energy flow also got better with increased usage

of the Grand Desolation Mountain and practice with some difficult situations

his first bottleneck when he was trying to

the Grand Desolation Mountain for a month. After he had come back, he was finally able to break through the bottleneck and up into the ninth level of

in the Grand Desolation Mountain,

the Grand Desolation Mountain, he had to recover his strength completely and also regain

outer disciples were allowed any opportunities to go to

Austin started to move his body by practicing some common movements--he rubbed his head, waved his arms and legs, shrugged his shoulders, and bent down. He was feeling so energetic right now that it was

he raised his left hand and stared at the ring around his middle finger, stroking it lovingly

the biggest prizes he had

satisfied with a space ring even if it was empty.

out something from the

of a significantly high level could be attached

to use such a space ring, or attach his own signature to it, the spiritual sign of its original owner needed to be eliminated. Otherwise, the ring

was not of such a

even if it had been so powerful, only a person who was in the Mysterious Realm or

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