The Supreme God

Chapter 15 The Overnight Hard Work Paid Off!

A manual on a fifth-grade martial art could mean a lot for an ordinary sect. With such a manual, the sect could properly level up their strength.

Most of the great sects credited their fame to their large collections of high-grade martial arts manuals.

The power of the disciples cultivated with low-grade manuals was a far cry from that of those who studied high-grade ones in large sects.

That was also the reason why the great sects survived thousands of years and were still thriving.

That means the books on fifth-grade martial arts were quite valuable.

Take for example the booklet of the Wind-commanding Skill that Austin was holding. If it was ever put in an auction, the bids would certainly go way more than 1, 500 vital energy crystals. It was certain that ordinary sects would be willing to shell out up to several million vital energy crystals just to have it.

After all, there would always be a way to earn more vital energy crystals, but the chances of getting manual on a fifth-grade martial art were rare.

The eerie sight of Rafat fluttering like a dead leaf from last night suddenly crossed Austin's mind again. And after going through a few pages of the books, he realized that weird moving technique Rafat used must be the Wind-commanding Skill.

As he recalled Rafat's swift and mystical movements, Austin became a little intrigued.

'This Wind-Commanding Skill is indeed a treasure!

All I've practiced were Sun Sect's second-grade moving techniques like the Fish Swimming Pace. Those are common techniques most outer disciples must know.

I have mastered the Fish Swimming Pace to perfection with a great deal of hard work.

But those first or second-grade methods were nothing in comparison to this five-grade technique.

I need to learn this Wind-Commanding Skill!'

Thrilled by his new discovery, Austin picked up another booklet.

The cover bore the title "Yin and Yang Diabolical Cultivation Method".

There was even a sketch on the cover.

It depicted a naked strong man sitting cross-legged surrounded by several plump women who were also unclothed as if they were having a certain weird dance.

There were a few lines representing the diabolic energy on the cover making picture quite vivid.

At first glance on the cover, it dawned on Austin that Yin and Yang Diabolical Cultivation Method might be the method that Rafat used to practice.

He reckoned that it must be an evil method.

No wonder Rafat had a hideous aura all over him that proved that he used to practice that diabolic cultivation method.

It was a fifth-grade martial art as well.

Austin gasped at this new realization. 'Why did Rafat have two fifth-grade martial arts manuals in his Space Ring?'

Little did Austin know that Rafat had barged into an ancient relic a few years ago by accident.

a disciple of an inconspicuous

discovered the relic by sheer luck, he

this Yin and Yang Diabolical Cultivation Method which was deemed as crooked

desired result with a very short time. Once a practitioner began to learn it, he would progress way faster

eyes on it, he seized it as

fortune he found in the relic, he put off his

of the Energy Gathering Realm at an unbelievable speed.

breakthrough so he came up with a plot to target a female grunt disciple of

into Sun Sect and kidnapped Denali to use her as his

outer female disciples because that would draw the attention of the leaders of Sun Sect. Hence, he had

to target the grunt disciples because no one would pay attention to them

disciples were a bunch of poor kids that everyone ignored.

notice their disappearance or would even care if one of them got

other hand, had no interest in this shady

he eventually decided not to set foot into this dangerous water. He shoved it into the Space Ring without hesitation.

left with only a dagger

looked quite peculiar with its somehow dull

surprised to see his wrist give out under

its normal size, it was unusually heavy, and Austin needed to exert all effort just

examined the dagger for a

he could feel something strange, he decided to study it

the remaining

one of them and found that it

10 Energy-boosting Elixirs in the said bottle. Austin almost jumped with joy. He finally

was a medicine used exclusively by those in the Energy Gathering Realm to help

a higher level,

he originally had a fifty percent chance, taking the

Elixir was quite expensive and only a

talented and enjoyed a special treatment of the sect

tasks that the sect assigned him before he became the top

process, he obtained only two Energy-boosting Elixirs.

were in his hands

Elixirs bottle in a corner of the Space

opened the other one only to find

Austin stared blankly at the two elixirs. He felt that he had seen one like that before

after a thoughtful study of the elixirs, Austin's eyes suddenly widened with

even his heart started

out what those two golden elixirs were!

could be my lucky

Austin too much to take in. But now was more

bottle was filled with Energy-prevailing

could be used when a practitioner wanted to move from the ninth level

breakthrough between two different realms.

to level up from a lower realm to a higher one is at least

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