The Supreme God

Chapter 29 Fury Boiling In Austin's Veins (Part Three)

'How is the fool so powerful now?!'

Feeling the strength in Austin's attack, Jesse exclaimed to himself silently. He sensed vaguely that Austin's vital energy base was higher than even his own.

But Jesse was extremely unwilling to admit to that.

In the past three years, Austin had always seemed like a fool. He had often been bullied by Jesse and his companions, and his vital energy base could not be detected at all.

Jesse himself could not remember how many times he had bullied Austin or made fun of him, when he hadn't been in a good mood.

He also clearly remembered that each time Austin saw him, the fool's face held clear signs of panic. He tried to escape Jesse every time he spotted the latter coming from far away.

But now, as Jesse stood before Austin, he saw the latter gaze at him almost calmly. But his eyes were cold and sharp, even full of cruelty, one might say.

Meanwhile, Matias too stared at Austin, his eyes narrowed to slits.

'The fool has changed!' he thought.

'He's not the same as he used to be.' Matias had realized it as soon as Austin appeared before them. He didn't believe Bates's words at the beginning.

Yet, despite his unwillingness to believe it, he had seen Austin repel Jesse with his force alone just now, thus proving his suspicions.

'Austin!' Denali cried out the name in her mind, thrilled.

She turned her attention onto him, giving him a wide smile. It was obvious that she was pleased with him.

his face not betraying any emotions. Denali had been

toward her were somewhat complicated, and he had no

casual but cold glance at her, Denali grew annoyed. 'Why is he putting on such airs?' she thought bitterly. 'He thinks he's so great that he can look down on

at him furiously before

she was truly grateful that he had saved her life

such a mystery to her. She was curious about him, so inadvertently, she paid

to the expressions that passed over her face. Within moments, his face turned terribly dark and menacing, the fire of jealousy blazing

that someday, he would win her over. Yet, Denali was always rather cold with him. She refused his attempts at courtship and distanced herself from him constantly.

pained Matias to the bone.

Denali's kindness,

like he didn't care for her at all... which made Matias even more annoyed. Who did Austin think he was?

"You fool!"

snapped at him

made you come here to face me? We beat you up last time, remember? Yet you didn't die. Today, you won't be that lucky,"

Have you come to accept your death punishment?" another roared arrogantly.

ahead and cut your throat! Our hands would get

rang out jarringly. Each of them was goading Austin to accept the

off his resentful eyes from Austin for even a

condescending toward

worked. Matias's face grew even darker,

really think so

arrogant men in front of him, Austin was full of contempt. Back then, when he was the number

cultivation base of any the grunt disciple in front of him was only the fourth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. Yet, they were presumptuous enough to behave so haughtily. Austin

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