The Supreme God

Chapter 164 Time For High Profile

In the courtyard, five disciples were drinking and playing a game of "guess-finger". When they saw Austin enter the yard, they all stood up, stupefied, and stared at him with their mouths agape.

With a plethora of thoughts surging through their minds, they whispered anxiously among themselves.

"But I heard he was stuck in the outer range of Grand Desolation Mountains and wouldn't come back."

"What should we do now?" ...... ......

The outer disciples quietly exchanged ideas, careful not to raise their voices. Their palms were sweaty and their eyes were averted.

One of them was slinking toward the gates, prepared to slip away the moment he saw an opportunity.

However, the outer disciples didn't know that Austin had a strong spiritual sense with which he could observe everything within a four-hundred-meter radius. From the very beginning, Austin was aware of everything they did and said, and their concealment meant nothing to him.

Austin looked at the disciples in front of him in displeasure. Anxiety grew in his heart when he thought of Evan, who was nowhere to be seen. If these outer disciples dared to misuse his sacred compound like this, they would certainly have dared to do something to Evan, too.

"If I remember correctly, this compound is mine. I rented it. Will someone please explain to me what all this is about?" Austin asked.

The expression on his face was cold as ice and his tone was even colder. The vital energy force in his body was surging and billowing with rage.

His strong spiritual power swept the yard, exerting great pressure on everyone there. The disciples facing him found it hard to breathe.

Numerous strands of vital energy grew concentrated in Austin's hands, ready to charge an attack.

Finding out that his courtyard was occupied and that his friend was missing had lit a spark of anger in Austin's heart.

He was in an uncontrolled state of destructive madness.

And once someone drove him to this state, he wouldn't spare them until he got his revenge.

The five outer disciples were merely at the sixth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. They weren't able to stay calm and composed in front of Austin's overwhelming demeanor. In the face of his rising anger, they began trembling in fear.

is going to open your mouth?

suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed to one of the

was already terrified. His teeth were clattering and his body was

form a complete sentence, he yelled in

of his wits, he turned around and ran, wanting to get away

Spiritual Sense Flying Needle darted

the gates, he suddenly felt an unbearable pain, as if a blade was being twisted in his brain. His feet came to a halt, and he started to cry miserably, with his

saw a black blade flash by and chop off his right arm. The amputated limb seemed to move in slow motion as it floated back into the

same time, his body was thrown back into the yard

his mind cleared. He recovered and immediately felt a sharp pain. He glanced beside him and saw that his right arm had

arm! You cut off my arm!" the

limb, only to find his right sleeve empty.

frosty, as if he hadn't heard the outer disciple cry out in pain.

had to vent it out and get his

woken up in this body, he had tried to keep a low profile and avoid offending others. But these people just didn't know when to stop.

go again, what would happen next? Would someone slip in while he was sleeping

disciple even dared to raise his voice to him. All of them behaved extremely deferential before him and

proverb went, "An awe-inspiring reputation is the best self-introduction." It was now time for Austin to

who the culprits behind this incident were. There were only two people who could be behind this—one was Marvin, and the other was Billy.

captured by the Soul Collection Array and imprisoned by the Ghost Sect. Later, they had been rescued by the elders and the

no way they could defeat Austin, they were pouring their anger on the courtyard he

this time. If Austin forgave them again, they would keep trying to lay hands on him in the future.

Otherwise, what happened to him

eyes were cold and indifferent. But beneath the frosty

how can

a shaky vice after he risked a glance at Austin's furious

when Austin stood

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