The Supreme God

Chapter 156 A Fierce Bidding (Part One)

Having all the cultivators' undivided attention, the flirtatious auctioneer felt pleased. What had hooked the audience was obviously the Illusory Swordsmanship. But now as she smiled her sweet and seductive smile, the audience felt weak in the knees.

"As the name says, the Illusory Swordsmanship is almost too good to be true. It can release hundreds of Sword-lights if its owner has attained the Major Achievement Stage. In fact, the energy of each Sword-light is powerful enough to kill. This is what makes it a daunting weapon," she said as the introduction to the weapon. On hearing this, a wave of murmurs and gasps spread across the room.

"However," the auctioneer took a pause, "the Ganges Auction House has always been honest with its customers. We only deal in fair trade. Period. So, it is only obvious that we will tell you both the swordsmanship's merits and demerits. Especially the latter. Now, it has two shortcomings.

First, it consumes a lot of vital energy when used. This is very easy to understand. Its owner's vital energy would be the source of its Sword-lights, and we are talking about hundreds of Sword-lights here. So just imagine the amount it requires.

Second, its power could be too fragmented. It is true that the large amount of Sword-light it produces is very hard for your opponent to avoid, yet each of the lights might not be strong enough as the energy gets divided. It could be weaker than one focused attack in some circumstances," the auctioneer explained patiently.

"But then these are problems only for cultivators that have a weak cultivation base.

For those with a refined level of cultivation, who can absorb and unleash immense amount of high-quality vital energy, these weaknesses can easily become strengths.

In a word, this Illusory Swordsmanship is meant for the strong—the ones with a solid cultivation base and abundant vital energy.

So please think twice before you bid," she concluded. Austin was a bit surprised by the frankness and the detail in which the setbacks of the Swordsmanship were spelled out.

Violet Orchid Empire. It spoke of both, an item's merits and demerits. The House enabled the bidders to make a wise decision as they were fully informed. The bidders could then think of their needs and strike as

the shortcomings of the Swordsmanship were articulated to the audience, many interested cultivators balked at the idea of bidding.

making as many breakthroughs and

pills or elixirs was big on their agenda. But as every coin has two sides, this kind of refinement wouldn't ensure a solid base in their cultivation and again, when it came to their vital energy, it

much mulling over, over half of the cultivators' enthusiasm to acquire the Illusory Swordsmanship wore off

for me. The vital energy stone in my elixir field

doesn't store the amount required, I'll just

all these facts over in his

announced. "The starting price of it is two hundred thousand vital energy crystals, you may only bid in multiples of ten thousand

informed in a saccharine tone.

the room when she finished

enough to make another chunk of cultivators abandon their plans once and for all to

cudgeled their brains to see if they could not acquire the Swordsmanship. After all, everyone knew equally well that the object in front of them was a great martial arts skill worthy of its level despite the shortcomings. When they thought practically, they knew that a level 4 martial arts skill at two hundred thousand

at such a low price was a great source of pride! It would be a great thing to boast of, never mind that they would hardly use the Swordsmanship in

scanned faces of all the bidders seated in the house in front of her.

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