The Supreme God

Chapter 150 The Four-sided And Eight Trigrams Array

Austin had heard from Fanny that her grandfather was an array expert, but he hadn't expected the old man to be proficient in martial refinement as well. According to the violent attack he was facing, Fanny's grandfather must be no less powerful than Theon, the head of Sun Sect.

Terrified and scrambling to combat the attack, Austin began to call up the Golden Sun Scripture. Soon, his golden vital energy circulated in his body.

To his surprise, the luminous sphere inside his elixir field trembled slightly. Just in a trice, the sphere shone bright as if it was irritated by the attack from Fanny's grandfather. Before Austin could react, the luminous sphere released a large amount of pure and stolid power which flowed into Austin's meridians.

It seemed that the luminous sphere acted automatically to help Austin when he was in the face of danger!

This mysterious sphere had absorbed a lot of vital energy in the past during Austin's martial refinement. And now, it had returned purified vital energy to Austin.

After gaining this additional support, Austin was surprised to find that he was eased dramatically from the huge palm-shaped vital energy that Fanny's grandfather had created.

He quickly bounced on his tiptoes to jump ten meters backwards and break free from the perimeter created by the huge palm.

"What? It seems that you are learning an extraordinary cultivation method."

With those words, the huge palm made of vital energy vanished into thin air, and simultaneously, the speaker of these words, appeared next to Fanny. It was a bony old man in a grey robe. He revealed no emotion on his solemn face, but astonishment flashed in his eyes as he stared at Austin.

"Grandpa! I was dying to see you!"

Fanny rushed into her grandfather's arms and grew excited like a little girl.

"Really? I think you are actually unwilling to see me. Otherwise, why did you leave home when I was unaware? Your fellow apprentice and I have looked for you for two whole months!"

Her grandfather said in a stern voice, but his joy and relief of seeing Fanny safe obviously outweighed his anger. He eventually stretched his hand and stroked his granddaughter's hair with tenderness.

"I'm sorry, grandpa. I promise that it won't happen a second time!"

Fanny said as she stuck out her tongue playfully. Her grandfather always doted on her, so she never worried when she made mistakes.

me when I was chased by several bad guys some days ago. Don't inconvenience

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don't trust others so easily! You don't even know where he's

Fanny's grandfather said. He was envious of

don't be rude

well aware of what was going on in the young

to the old man and bowed to him with cupped

the same level as Theon. Austin dared not show any disrespect in front of this old man because he didn't

for saving

man turned to Austin and

refinement was. You are

man praised Austin for his cultivation method but didn't mention anything about the Sun Sect.

saving my granddaughter. Please accept this array flag of the Four-sided and Eight Trigrams

threw a small bag at Austin. The latter caught it

of the Earth Realm can't break this array, while a cultivator at premium stage of the Earth Realm

man explained nonchalantly. He had made this array flag at whim in his spare time. It wasn't important to him,


after hearing his explanation. He could employ this array flag to arrange

time to go home now. It's been two whole months and my

grandfather turned to her and commanded in a severe

nodded reluctantly. She knew it was her fault for leaving

outside world, she decided not to disobey her

Violet, Austin. Remember to visit me when

Violet and Austin before leaving with

Grand Dragon

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