The Supreme God

Chapter 148 The Flower Dragon Array

Matthew thought that as long as he used his Ice Mysterious skill, Austin's move would be significantly influenced—Austin would be frozen, and his movements would be restrained by the chill.

But the events showed otherwise. Matthew's Ice Mysterious skill was no match with Austin's cultivation method. Even facing the constant attacks by Matthew's Ice Mysterious skill, Austin was merely countering it without a sweat.

Completely confused, Matthew suddenly felt his head starting to ache. The pain was too much to bear that he began to lose focus on the combat.

Then a sense of danger overwhelmed him as he saw two daggers, a red one and a black one, appeared jointly, almost on his chest, from nowhere.

"How dare you do that?" Matthew shouted angrily.

His two hands stretched out in succession, and two ice mirrors took a form of a shield to stop the daggers.

Bang Bang! The ice mirrors had exploded. With the super-heat vital energy of the two staggers, the ice blocks had vanished into the air before it could melt on the ground.

Austin's Golden Sun Scripture afflicted Matthew's Ice Mysterious skill. So Mathew did not have the urge to defeat Austin when their vital energy slammed into one another.

Matthew's face turned pale, and he was overtly frightened that he found himself in despair.

It was so easy for Austin to kill him!

As expected, the red dagger and black one cut Matthew's shoulders after they broke the two ice mirrors.


The Twin Shadow Blades had a weird way of attacking, and Matthew could not deal with it. He was lucky to dodge the daggers and save his body from being critically hit; otherwise, his chest would be completely notched and sliced.

Austin strode out and flashed before Matthew in a second. In Matthew's fright, Austin pouched him alternatively with his fists, exerting thousands of pounds in strength.

Compared with the martial arts skills that utilized vital energy, which was often used for a long distance, Austin preferred to fight against his enemy by his pure strength in close combat.

One reason was that sheer physical strength would not consume much of his vital energy, making him last longer and recover faster after a long fight.

Another reason was that when fighting against an opponent, his quick bodily movement burst strength and tenacity, making him feel vigorous with sweat.

Matthew's spirit started to recede when his confidence had wholly left him. He could only desperately form ice shields one after another, in the hope of preventing Austin's punch.

In the end, when Austin drove a hefty punch for the tenth time, Matthew could no longer hold his defense. He was helpless as he watched Austin's fists approach him.

"You cannot kill me! The Blood Wolf Team has sent five of us to chase and kill you, and if we all died, then the whole team will hunt you until you are dead!"

Matthew attempted to threaten, but as a response, Austin fully landed his last punch, much stronger than the previous one.


a definite hit, Matthew's chest plunged hard, and his body was totally

than this, his entire body was discharged like a bullet, and it flew high.

as if he had already

Blood Wolf Team to chase Austin in the

him in full killing intent, with lust for blood all evident on


this fight? Your eyes are twinkling

a laugh as she strode a

about? Who in her right mind will fall in love with

smacked Violet. The girls started frolicking so happily that their master and friend had won the fight against powerful

of the three members from the Blood Wolf Team and took away the three space rings, putting them into his own

from the soil, leaves were scattered everywhere, and some falling flowers were still dancing in the air. .

rings, he walked towards Violet and Fanny.

as always, and it had

There was some strange force

turned severe and alert. He raised his head and looked at the space which had become a little

was definitely wrong.

Although Austin's spiritual sense was sharp, he could not pinpoint what the force was, but even then, he knew that something was about to come, about to

turned sharp. Then he raised his head, and his

stony silence. No response came his way, and the atmosphere seemed chillier.

being noticed, the flowers dancing in mid-air had already doubled—now

change in the air and heard Austin's yell.

what happened?" Violet curiously

replied, still keeping

the ground and slightly bit her

something happened around him. He could see the falling flowers solidify and filled with a kind of vital energy force.

Austin was caught off guard and couldn't

flowers suddenly turned their directions, and charged at Austin in a matter

Swish! Swish! Swish!

in his body. Austin wiped it with his hand and saw handful blood. Those flowers were actually


Austin coldly uttered.

gathering his strength in his arms and hit the flowers. Instantly the flowers scattered in all directions and

flowers gathered together, assembling in bunches and creating a dragon figure made out of flowers. The dragon


the strength in his arms, Austin beat

however, after the flowers that forming the dragon scattered, huddled into one piece again. They seemed

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