The Supreme God

Chapter 168 Giant Magic Palm

As Marvin spoke, the vital energy force surged out of his body with such intensity that it started to be visible to the eye.

The powerful vital energy force spiraled around his body, making him look imposing.

"Wow, he's so powerful! No wonder he stands out among all the outer disciples!" one of the outer disciples gushed. All of them gaped and sighed in admiration as they looked at Marvin.

"Austin, let me remind you about something. Don't think that you can show off to all these outer disciples as you wish just because your physical strength has been enhanced to a certain extent. The truth is, physical strength means nothing because it will be eventually drained. A disciple's real strength is dependent upon his possession of vital energy and his skill in martial arts. Of course, it's a waste of my time to talk to you about martial arts skills. Since you're such a mediocre disciple, you'll never understand what I'm talking about!"

By now, Marvin had brought his strength into full play. He lifted both his palms up to the sky. Immediately, his palms became earthy yellow, producing a strong earthy smell.

Yellow light radiated into the sky, followed by the eruption of yellow palm shadows that hovered around Marvin. Soon, the palm shadows thickened under the sky as if they were going to penetrate it to reach heaven. The whole atmosphere was ominous.

The yellow palm shadows more or less looked like thunderbolts. Electric light spiraled around them like fiery serpents. Suddenly, a cracking sound thundered through the air. The area was suddenly covered in a thick white fog.

"Ah, the palm shadows look as mighty as thunderbolts. This palm skill is really rare and amazing!"

"Of course, grade four martial arts skills are as amazing as expected."

Most of the outer disciples in the Sun Sect didn't get a chance to learn grade four martial arts skills.

All the outer disciples looked at the imposing atmosphere Marvin had created in shock.

Just moments ago, the vital energy shield that Marvin had been wearing in front of his body had been shattered after a mere punch from Austin. At the sight of that, some of the outer disciples had mentally shaken their heads at Marvin's mediocre strength and undeserved reputation.

But now, after seeing the amazing power that Marvin had in his Giant Magic Palm, all the outer disciples acknowledged Marvin's mighty strength.

Although Marvin was at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, he was ranked number five among the outer disciples, which meant his strength and his skills were nothing short of extraordinary.

"Austin, death will be your only option today!" Marvin yelled with a fierce look in his eyes.


yeah. Stop talking

a new and powerful palm skill, Austin knitted his eyebrows, but he maintained his indifferent

Marvin had said, a disciple's accomplishment in vital energy was

death but you're still boasting

"Go to hell!"

energy. The impact of the

a sizzling sound as the air around Marvin was compressed and crushed by the palm

that all

No one would be able to withstand the impact of

by the impact of the palm shadows. The palm

vortexes surging toward him. He knew that the palm shadows covering the sky could

one of his palms and

the flick of his arm, the palm shadows covering the sky shifted. There was another cracking sound in the air

these palm shadows that seemed to be dancing, he knew that

palm shadows came flying toward him right now. So, he didn't have to waste

and stood calm without any

with imminent danger looming near the sky, it only filled him with a stronger desire for battle. So far, Austin hadn't harnessed any of his vital energy at all. The sole

to his arms. Without looking up, he clenched his left hand into a fist and directly flung it toward

more confident. To the outer disciples who were watching, he looked quite domineering without

"Break!" Austin roared.

thick mass of palm shadows looming


fist shattered the palm shadows into pieces, but because of the huge impact, Austin found it hard to stand his ground and retreated a few

rush of blood and energy

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