The Supreme God

Chapter 174 Unexpected Fortune

It was then that Austin started his search for Marvin's men. But he wasn't alone; with him was Evan, Herbert and seven other outer disciples.

A group of outer disciples crowded to watch them, forming a long line that swept across the living area.

Under Austin's orders, those who picked on Evan or Herbert were to be beaten up. Whatever was done to Evan and Herbert would be done to them in return.

The disciple who broke Evan's arms was so scared. When he saw Austin lead the group towards him, he couldn't help but tremble in fear. At that instance, his legs felt so weak that he could hardly stand.

But Austin wouldn't let him go that easily. At his command, the seven outer disciples swarmed forward and started to beat the disciple, kicking hard on his legs and arms until they were completely broken.

These seven disciples had also been bullied by that man. As they beat him up, they felt like they were not only avenging Evan, but also themselves. When they heard the disciple wail in pain, there was not a sliver of sympathy growing in their hearts, but pleasure and excitement. Elated, they kept blowing merciless punches on the disciple, until the man's flesh was torn open, and he cried out for mercy.

If they weren't in Sun Sect, they would have killed the disciple. When they were through with him, they had beaten him so hard that he laid there unconscious.

The next target was a disciple named Norris. He used to get Herbert into trouble because of Herbert's good relation with Evan.

After he saw the other disciple beaten half-dead, he was so scared that he tried to sneak away. But Herbert had sharp eyes and had seen him from far away. He ordered the other outer disciples to flank and catch Norris.

Norris was an outer disciple at the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm. Normally, Herbert wasn't his match.

But with Austin by his side, he could beat him as much as he pleased. It was not much of a fight, as Norris did not even dare to evade Herbert's punches and kicks. The others also ordered Norris to crawl across Herbert's legs. Only after that did they finally released Norris, who was now wounded and bleeding heavily.

Under Marvin's orders, all his other followers had bullied Evan and Herbert, too. But now, one by one, they were hunted down and humiliated publicly.

It seemed cruel but Austin had his reasons. By doing this, he was building up his awe-inspiring reputation among the outer disciples. Since his original plan to keep a low profile had failed, he had changed his strategy after everything that had happened, and intended to let all disciples know that he wasn't a push-over. From now on, the only result awaiting the bullies who picked on him or his pals was torment and humiliation.

Although it sounded outrageous, his new plan would prove to be an instant fix.

As he planned, Austin's deeds spread quickly among the disciples through the audience who followed and watched the entire thing.

Since then, no outer disciples dared to provoke Evan, Herbert or the other seven followers, for they had known these men were under Austin's protection, and whoever had a problem with them would have to answer to Austin. Once they crossed Austin, they knew that they would suffer his wrath.

to embezzle his properties, nor to pick on his pals. Even if Austin left the sect for years, his compound was never to be occupied

Marvin's men, Marvin himself never showed up. Since being defeated by Austin, the guy seemed to completely disappear from

melted away after the incident. Without a doubt, they were no

the other hand, Austin's force and influence kept growing stronger. During his display of strength, outer disciples were coming ceaselessly, asking to join

requirements for his followers, and the most basic principle was

standards would he let them in, whereas those who took advantage of opportunities and changed sides often were rebuffed.

considerable force group. He couldn't help but feel a bit overwhelmed when

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to occupy Marvin's luxury

had asked his people to clean it up as well, discarding everything Marvin had used and removing every trace the man

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Austin took out a few Space Rings

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the lock like a walnut. Raymond's hoard was now open to Austin unreservedly, and on top of the

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the practice of the second

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