After coming up with a plan, Jeffrey was almost a part of the entertainment circle.

Xavier temporarily made Jeffrey and Shirley the male and female leads of The Heart of the Grassland, which he would have a grand startup ceremony for a week later.

Renee felt more relaxed after returning from Universal Entertainment.

She was glad her focus was broadening to something outside of her children, Stefan, and her.

She went to meet Leia at a roadside stall to eat.

Leia was confused when Renee told her the whole story.

"Ren, I don't get you.

What's with you and Jeffrey? Why do you insist on making him famous?" She took a big gulp of her beer.

kid is handsome, but

her friend helplessly,

and talk less." "Was I mistaken?" Leia munched on the beef

if you have some fun with them, but Jeffrey

the relationship." "I just want him to explore the world." Renee slowly took some beer for herself and explained nonchalantly, "He and his family helped me when I was in

I spent in

but he has a mind of

think his life will improve once he leaves

can return to his village, and he won't

Don't you agree?" "So...

want to help him?" Leia

really that simple." Renee spread her

didn't expect that one simple action

then said meaningfully, "If you date a young and pure guy like Jeffrey, I'm sure some

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