The Wrong Woman

Chapter 500

Nathan suddenly started acting differently. He wasn't the same as he usually was.

Mila was taken away, but then she returned to her senses and reached for Jacob. "My files—"

Nathan redirected her hand down and said, "You don't need all that random stuff."

"Random stuff?" Mila looked at Nathan in surprise as she felt a mix of emotions wash over her. Then, she was forcibly taken out of the research building by him. Fenna walked beside Cole as they followed Nathan and Mila. She whispered in Cole's ear, "Turns out Wanda has been getting her degrees from diploma mills. Nate knows, but he's mixing his personal and professional affairs. "He insisted on putting Wanda in the research department to work with a bunch of researchers just so he could give her a fancy title to wear."

Cole looked confused as he remarked casually, "Considering Mrs. Morrison's talent, I doubt she'll slack off in the research department.”

Fenna smirked. "Did you miss what just happened? And yet you still want to defend her?"

Cole shook his head. "I just have a feeling something's off."

"What do you mean?" Fenna asked.

"Nate's acting weird."

"What's wrong with Nate?" Fenna grew nervous.

mistreat Mrs. Morrison before. He wouldn't even side with an outsider who accused her of

triumphantly as he glanced at Nathan and Mila. "Jacob is an old schoolmate of mine. The courtesy Nate is showing him is definitely for my sake." Cole stayed quiet. He let out an annoyed puff of air before turning his head away. Suddenly, he spotted Phoebe approaching with

Cole!" Phoebe greeted him with a cheerful

steps and flashed a smile at Phoebe. His

up their earlier conversation. "Do you think Nate is being nice to Jacob because of me?" Cole wasn't interested in discussing the matter with her. He brushed her hand away

She followed Cole's gaze

Cole's shoulder, purposefully moving closer to him as she asked, "Are you crushing on Wanda's

halted abruptly. Her expression

away. "Quit touching

chuckled and elbowed Cole's chest. "You really fancy

deep breath and chose to ignore her. When he glanced back up, Phoebe was already walking away. He

grabbed his hand. "It's time for work. Where do

hand. "Don't you

hurried off in Phoebe's direction while

Phoebe didn't seem pleased. "Did you bring the donuts for me?" Cole gestured toward the several large boxes of donuts she was holding. He had mentioned a stand at the market that sold delicious donuts that reminded him of home to her. Phoebe took a bite of a donut and then

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