To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Friends?

The three of them fixed their gazes on Alec. Jenny prayed that he would refuse since she really didn’t want to sit together and have a meal with this man.

It would totally affect her mood.

“You decide,” he said. That wasn’t the answer Jenny wanted to hear.

Jenny was speechless.

“Dr. Walter, Alec is fine with it. What about you?” She looked at Jenny smilingly.

Jenny was super reluctant. She shifted her gaze to Gilbert. “What do you think?”

She kept giving Gilbert hints with her eyes, but instead, he said, “I’m okay with anything.”

“Okay with anything? Gilbert, what are you trying to do?” Jenny thought.

sat across them. Alec was sitting right opposite Jenny, so she could see his face

a great guy. No wonder you didn’t want me to introduce anyone to you.” Staring at the posh-looking

“Mr. Hawthorn is an upstart from

Alec, you flatter me. I still have to work harder to catch up with you,” Gilbert laughed,

He chuckled to himself.

Faust Group? Not in

good match for Dr. Walter,” Faye said, but she

with her words. “Miss Lawrence, I don’t

wasn’t fond of Faye either, not to mention Alec sitting across from her.

Walter, I shouldn’t have asked,” Her eyes turned red instantly.

sneered. “Friends?” she

Alec spoke up. He stared right at Jenny as if trying

immediately. Annoyance was

when have you become

exact words he had used. The atmosphere became tense instantly. Jenny tried to hold back her

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