Chapter 1279 Let's Visit Them

Old Mr.Faust was waiting for Alec and Jenny at the dinner table.

"I'm sorry, Grandpa.I overslept."

She looked embarrassed for making the old man wait.He waved it off and gestured at her to sit.

"It's fine.It's good to sleep longer for better rest.Take a seat and have dinner."

The three of them took their seats and had dinner together.

After dinner, Old Mr.Faust instructed Warren to bring him a box, which he handed to Jenny.

"You're getting married to Alec.As his grandpa, I don't have anything much to offer.This is a small gift.I wonder if you'd like it."She stared at the box with a surprised look.

"Grandpa, this..."

"Take it.It's just a welcome gift for you.Just see us as your family."

He shoved the box into her hands.

She held onto the box and tilted her head to look at Alec.

He smiled at her.

accept it.It's a token of appreciation from

"Alright then.Thank you, Grandpa."

gift and thanked

the box.I wonder if it matches your

was rather nervous.He picked the gift based on his taste because he was in the dark about Jenny's likes and dislikes.Now, he was

but from the looks of

this is


other than the diamond bracelet if he could

was not the most fitting for a lovely lady

you, Grandpa.I

hopefully, I'll soon have grandchildren to play with," he poked fun at

Jenny instantly blushed.

into a hug and said to Old Mr.Faust, "Grandpa, don't worry.I'll

"Alec Faust!"


"You're so unserious."

happy to see them

the living room, he went to rest in his

Jenny was energized after the long

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