Chapter 1290 You’re Inviting Yourself

The car rolled to a stop in front of Zack’s villa. Jenny told Janet, “Rest well.

Have a good sleep. Zack might already be awake by the time you’re up.” “Okay.” Nodding, Janet left the car. Jenny let Alec drive away only after she watched Janet enter the villa.

On their way back, Alec joked, “I thought you hated her. Looks like you’ve accepted her.”

“Well, she must be someone he loves dearly if he’s willing to give up his life for her. If so, why should I hate her? I should accept her instead.”

If she refused to change her attitude, she might alienate herself from Janet, or worse, Zack. Every individual had the right to make their personal decisions. It might not be an acceptable decision at the moment, but sooner or later, people around them would come to accept it.

quite cool about it.” Alec smiled and admired her carefree attitude. Since she couldn’t change Zack’s decision, she tried

married, he was the one who would spend his

the flight and the trip to visit Zack, they took a nap once they arrived. It was dark outside when Jenny was woken up by the sound of her ringing phone. It was a call from

something happen?” she answered

replied, “Don’t you worry. Zack’s doing fine. He has woken up, and he’s been transferred to

Great! I’ll head

she noticed that Alec had dressed himself. When she approached, he asked, “I thought you said you were going to the

you going too?” Jenny knew Alec was much busier

is your brother, so he’s mine too. Of course,

bother to argue with him, and they

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