Triplets Attack: Game Over Daddy

Triplets Attack: Game Over Daddy

Authors:Lorraine Anderson
Num Chapters:1131
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Chapter 1138

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Triplets Attack: Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Synopsis

Elizabeth Wade is plagued by recurring dreams where she engages in passionate encounters with an unknown man.

In the dream, she receives a diamond ring from him, and their connection is intense and undeniable.

However, Elizabeth wakes up abruptly to find herself drenched in cold water, confronted by her stepmother, Celine Woods, and her half-sister, Tiana Wade.

They inform Elizabeth that she fainted at a family banquet and that she is pregnant, which shocks and confuses her.

Elizabeth suspects foul play and accuses Celine and Tiana of sabotaging her.

She realizes that the dream might not have been a mere fantasy after all, especially considering the ring she finds around her neck.

Tiana taunts Elizabeth about being arranged to sleep with an older man and mocks her for being pregnant.

Enraged, Elizabeth attacks them, but is restrained by bodyguards. Celine reveals their sinister plan to kill Elizabeth and secure Tiana as the Wade family’s sole heir.

Helplessly pinned down, Elizabeth cries out for help, but her pleas go unanswered. Celine stabs her, leaving her in a pool of blood.

The bodyguards release her, and Elizabeth vows revenge against Celine and Tiana.

Celine triumphantly declares that Tiana will now be the unchallenged heir, while the bodyguards are instructed to dispose of Elizabeth’s body.


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Triplets Attack: Game Over Daddy

Triplets Attack: Game Over Daddy

1131 Chapters

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