Chapter 3

Avery felt restless and uneasy.

“You’re still in school, right, Avery? Your studies will be affected if you get pregnant now,” said Henry’s wife.

Henry immediately agreed and said, “That’s right! Avery is still young. I doubt she’s willing to give up on her studies and raise a child at home!”

Rosalie knew what her son and daughter-in-law were thinking. This was also the reason why she was adamant about ensuring Elliot had an heir.

“Are you willing to have Elliot’s child, Avery?” Rosalie asked Avery. She did not hold back. “You should know that you and the child will inherit all of Elliot’s estate in the future. It’s a fortune large enough for you and the child to live a comfortable life.”

“I’ll do it,” Avery responded without hesitation.

She was willing to try anything to ensure Cole did not get a dime of Elliot’s money.

Besides, even if she was unwilling, the Foster family was powerful enough to force her into it.

Rosalie beamed from ear to ear after hearing Avery’s answer.

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