You Hit My Heart

You Hit My Heart By Kylie Stanford Chapter 8

Chapter 8

irritated that he was being ignored.“Joyce, are you still there?” Justin called out again, “I just heard your voice.”Joyce was immediately anxious. She must not let Justin see Luther, especially under such a confusing situation. There was no way she could explain it clearly. The most important thing right now was that Justin had to be at ease with his surgery. Nothing should be allowed to irritate Justin.In a pinch.She yanked Luther hard, pushed open the emergency access door beside her, and dragged him to the stairwell.When the emergency access door closed, she just felt her heart pounding.“Joyce?” said Justin, pushing his wheelchair and gradually approaching.“The hell … you are,” Luther had just opened his mouth when Joyce put a firm hand over her lips.He shook off her hand covering his lips and was just about to lash out.Suddenly, the thin lips were sealed by her firmly.Joyce was probably so desperate that she thought of gagging him with her lips.At that moment, she had no half-thoughts in her head, only praying that Justin would never find her.Luther was completely stunned, their four lips pressed against each other, her lips warm and soft.There was a touch

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