You Hit My Heart

You Hit My Heart By Kylie Stanford Chapter 27

Chapter 27

in a wrong way. Obviously, she wanted to sarcastically insult the woman in front of her, but couldn’t find a proper way to do so.There was a kind of low profile that was greater than a high one.Luther has never show the outburst before. Because of her, his champagne was spilled.Martha, who was sharp-eyed and trying to deflect the embarrassment, immediately went over to her and said in a delicate voice, “Luther, let me help you.” She took out a handkerchief and got close to him.The strong, pungent smell of perfume was something Luther would have liked to avoid.Joyce, however, pushed Luther at her convenience.Coincidentally, the entire glass of champagne in Luther’s hand was poured on Martha’s chest.Spectacular! It was like, from the valley slowly flowing down the stream, all the way to the bottom of the skirt.“Ah” With a scream, Martha took a step backward and her smile froze. She was embarrassed at the moment, holding her handkerchief. “You might wipe yourself first.” Joyce suggested it with calm and collected face.Martha couldn’t say a word. Her expression twisted. She knew it was Joyce who did this

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