It was as if he knew exactly where the mystical herbs were located. Jared spent less than ten minutes to find the list of mystical herbs in the sea of plants.

Following that, Jared showcased his findings to everyone.

All the alchemists were stunned at the sight of Jared holding all the mystical herbs, not a single mistake to be seen. Even Jubilante furrowed his brows, his expression becoming somewhat unnatural.

“What the heck, is he cheating?” “What are you thinking? How could he cheat within this illusion array? But this is too unbelievable.” “I didn’t expect this young man to have some skills. No wonder he dared to challenge Jubilante.” Everyone widened their eyes as they stared at Jared within the illusion array.

Their jaws had dropped open in shock.

Jared slowly walked out of the illusionary array, giving Jubilante a faint smile.

right to challenge you?” Jubilante’s facial muscles twitched a few times, then he coldly snorted. “Fine, I accept your challenge. But how about adding some stakes this time?”

twisted into a sinister expression. Jubilante wasn’t about to let Jared off for humiliating

panicked upon hearing that Jubilante wanted to bet on Jared’s life. He wanted to say something, but Jared

at Jubilante’s intense gamble. They didn’t expect him to go this far. Everyone stared

win, you’re free to

so many people can testify. Let’s get

if you lose?” Jared

won’t lose,” Jubilante declared

if you do? I can’t be the only one who puts

any condition.” “Okay. If you lose, I don’t want your life. I just want this mansion and all the herbs inside,”

for a moment and didn’t immediately agree to Jared’s

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