The moment he saw Jared emerge, William was filled with delight. He then ran up to Jared. “You’re finally here, young man. This way, please.” Holding onto Jared’s hand, William heaved a sigh of relief. “Mr. Sullivan, since I have made you a promise, I would definitely turn up.” Jared was cognizant that William was worried that he would stand him up. Feeling embarrassed, William could only smile awkwardly. “After you, young man.”


Given how servile William was behaving, everyone in the hotel wondered who Jared was. When Josephine saw how proudly Jared was walking in contrast to her obeisant father, she fumed, “What’s wrong with you? My father had waited for you at the door for half an hour, and didn’t you notice that his condition seems to be deteriorating? Do you even know how to heal someone?” Josephine had resented Jared from the very beginning. However, she gave him the benefit of the doubt after being impressed by how he stopped William’s condition from getting worse.

A short while later, when she noticed William’s cheeks losing color again, she felt Jared was a scammer, looking to cheat them out of their money. “Josephine, stop making a fuss and apologize at once,” William barked with a stern look on his face. “There’s no way I’m going to do that. Look, he’s barely a fully grown man. How can he be a miracle doctor? I think he’s nothing but a con artist.” Glaring at Jared, she felt he was the reason William didn’t want to see the doctor. When Josephine refused to obey him, William was so furious that he began to have trouble breathing.

Nevertheless, she was given a fright when she saw the black blood William had

a panic. Unfortunately, she didn’t move at all because she didn’t trust Jared. Frowning at Josephine’s inaction, Jared snapped, “Do you want to watch him die?” After she was shouted at, Josephine quickly helped William to a private room in the hotel. Inside, Jared searched for William’s pulse right away. However, his expression turned grim the moment he did. While Jared was treating William, a

pushed Jared aside and held William up. “Dr. Watson, my dad’s life in your hands now. Please save him!” she pleaded. At that moment, William was close to losing consciousness as his breathing was increasingly labored.

sound. “Ms. Sullivan, Mr. Sullivan’s damaged lung is the cause of his hidden ailment. This is a chronic disease that needs to be treated slowly. However, someone has forcefully kicked his immunity system into overdrive. Although it might seem effective in the short run, it would only cause his condition to further deteriorate. I’m afraid Mr. Sullivan is in a precarious situation

described. Her father did make a turn for the better, but Jared’s method ended up hurting William more. “You con man! If anything happens to my father, I’ll never forgive you!” Josephine roared at Jared with a scowl on her face. If not for the fact that she

anything out of you? If not for me, your father would have been a corpse by now. I can’t believe how ridiculous you can be!” Jared snorted. He hated how Josephine kept insisting he was

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