“What garbage are you spewing? You’re not needed here. Get out!” Josephine barked, as she was worried that Jared would disrupt the treatment. “Fine. You’re the one that asked me to leave. I’ll be waiting in the corridor. In less than five minutes, you’ll be out there begging me to come back in.” The moment he finished, Jared opened the door and went out. After he left, no one bothered about him. Meanwhile, Jonathan carefully continued with William’s acupuncture treatment.


Soon, he was entirely drenched in sweat. After the last needle was inserted, William gradually regain his consciousness and opened his eyes. “Dad! My dad is awake, Dr. Watson. He’s awake. This is wonderful!” Josephine cried out jubilantly as tears filled her eyes. Just a moment ago, she was worried that he would never ever do so. When Jonathan saw William was awake, he, too, heaved a sigh of relief. After all, he barely had any confidence going in. Unfortunately, the moment Josephine and Jonathan sighed in relief, William began to tremble violently.

He looked to be in excruciating pain as his face started turning purple. “Dad! Dad!” Josephine yelled as she turned to Jonathan in panic. “Dr. Watson, why is this happening?” At that moment, even Jonathan was feeling so distressed that he was just stumped. “I… I don’t know why this is happening either. How did it turn out this way?” “Who are you asking? You’re the doctor here!” Josephine roared at the doctor in desperation.

panic intensify. If anything happened to William, he would have to suffer the consequences. “Dad, don’t scare me… Don’t scare me…” Josephine began to cry. “Ms. Sullivan, let’s take Mr. Sullivan to the hospital. I have run out of ideas!” Jonathan suggested

my dad’s condition, there’s no way he can make it to the hospital! You better save him! If not, don’t think you will survive this unscathed!” Josephine exploded, having lost her rational

it was not lost upon her that Jonathan had looked down upon him earlier, but was praising him now. Evidently, Jonathan was planning to let Jared take the blame. Once Jared stepped in to treat William, even if he was dead, Jonathan would be able to absolve himself of

room. At that very moment, Jared was sitting along the corridor, expecting Josephine to come and see him. When the woman saw Jared was still there, she rushed up to him. Just when she wanted to speak, she suddenly realized that she had no idea

him, but now, she ended up begging him instead. “Do you believe I can save your father and that I’m not a con man?” Jared asked. Josephine kept silent, as she didn’t know how to answer. She didn’t fully trust him yet, but she had no other choice.

back in, she saw Jonathan pacing back and forth with his head covered in sweat. The moment Jonathan saw Jared, he felt as if he had seen his savior. Regardless of whether Jared could revive William, he could push the blame to Jared once the latter took over. Lowering himself, Jonathan begged, “I’m sorry about just now, young man. Please save Mr.

toward Jonathan, Jared questioned, “Do you still have any silver needles?” “Yes, in the medical bag.” Jonathan quickly handed over a bag of silver needles to Jared. “It’s not enough!” Jared shook his head. “Not enough?”

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